"What Happens in the Garage, Stays in the Garage"

The purpose of Band Camp is to provide student and novice musicians with an opportunity to play in a band together, learn the dynamics of making music as a group, and experience live performance as a band.

Band Camp runs for 8 sessions. Students will learn a minimum of 3-5 songs as a band unit, and will perform those songs at a live gig in a real, professional venue. Some past host venues have been The Avenue Café, The Bitter End, and The Black Duck.

Band Camp is open to student musicians of all ages, and all instruments, who are not beginners. To be eligible, students should have a basic understanding of music and be at the novice level, or higher, in the playing proficiency of their instrument, together with a referral from their music teacher. Additionally, we may ask for an audition in certain situations.

Band Camp sessions vary with time of year. Fall & Spring sessions are held on Saturdays. Summer sessions are held on weekdays. Each session has a minimum of 5 positions available, as follows: One Drummer, One Bass Player, 2 Guitar Players, and 1 Keyboard Player (or 3rd guitar player), and if possible, 1 Singer. From this group we will fashion a band, select material, rehearse, and perform.

Turnpike Music Garage will provide rehearsal space, all equipment (drums, amplifiers, PA system, microphones, keyboard, cables, etc.) and instruction. Guitar and Bass students must provide their own instruments, Drummers must provide their own sticks. Sessions meet for roughly 2 hours. The rehearsal facility is always open to parental inspection, however the rehearsal sessions, themselves, are closed to all but students and instructors.

Tuition is $600.00 payable in advance. Summer sessions start at the end of June and play out in late August; Fall sessions begin in October and play out in late January; and, Spring sessions begin in February and play out in late May. Please complete the Registration Form, indicating a session preference, and up to 5 songs that you would like to learn and perform. Your list, together with the lists of other participants, will help us in matching musical tastes, and with developing a working set list. Also, please indicate if you can, and would like to, sing.

Please direct any questions or comments to:

Turnpike Music Garage, 203-368-6874
or e-mail: don@turnpikemusicgarage.com

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