"What Happens in the Garage, Stays in the Garage"


We are authorized dealers for these quality musical instruments:

    • Austin Guitars and Amps
    • Seagull Acoustic Guitars
    • La Patrie Classical Guitars
    • Oscar Schmidt Guitars and Bluegrass Instruments
    • Behringer Amps & PA Gear
    • Bugera Boutique Tube Amps
    • OSP Electronic Drums
    • Indiana Guitars
    • AXL Guitars
    • Johnson Guitars
    • New York Pro Guitars
    • Conn-Selmer Band Instruments
    • Juzek Stringed Instruments
    • Casio Digital Pianos, Keyboards & Synthesizers

We also carry a complete line of supplies and accessories:

    • Strings for all stringed instruments
      • Guitar & Bass
        • Ernie Ball Strings
        • DR Strings
        • D'Addario Strings
        • Martin Strings
        • Fender Strings
      • Banjo
      • Mandolin
      • Ukulele
      • Classical Guitar
      • Violin, Viola, Cello, Upright Bass
        • Red Label
        • Oxford
        • Dominant
        • Pirastro
        • Palatino
    • Picks, Straps, Capos, Drumsticks & Heads
    • Reeds, Mouthpieces, Rosin, Chinrests, Oils
    • Guitar, Speaker, Microphone & Patch Cables
    • Effects Pedals, Tuners, Cleaning Supplies


While we are a small store, we have access to over 10,000 musical instrument products, which we can special order for you. Peruse our catalog to check price and availability:


Our new products come with a manufacturer's warranty of varying lengths and conditions. Products for which we are an Authorized Dealer, warranty claims are handled by us. Products for which we are not an Authorized Dealer, we will refer you to the applicable manufacturer for warranty claims and instructions.


Often we take used instruments in trade, take them in on consignment, or buy them outright. Check in with us to see what we have in stock, as it changes rather frequently.

If you have a used musical instrument that you would like to sell, or trade, give us a call. We are happy to try and work something out that is fair and reasonable.

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